What is Savage?

Savage is officially defined as ferocious, fierce, untamed.  But I like the Urban Dictionary definitions best:  “Bad ass.”  “Cool.”  “Someone who will do things that make other people say, ‘What the F, are you crazy?'” “Cool or hardcore.”  “Going beyond the normal scope of the given situation.”  “Something so incredibly bad ass that you can’t just say bad ass.”  Love that.  Now I’m not saying we all need to run around acting like crazy people.  And I’m definitely not saying that we all need to be squatting amounts that will bend the bar or running 5 minute miles.  I’m just saying, push your own limits, whatever they may be.  If you’ve had a lifelong fear of heights and you get your first rope climb, that’s what I mean!  Get out of your comfort zone and challenge what people think are the norms for the 40+ crowd!  Try something new!  Be BAD ASS.



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