Staying Savage even when you’re not feeling it.

We have defined ourselves as Savage Masters. Out there killing it in the gym and in life, pushing boundaries, getting all comfortable with being uncomfortable, relentless in pursuing our goals. BUT. Even for the most savage of us, sometimes we wake up and we’re just not feeling it. Maybe we enjoyed our neighborhood Super Bowl party a little too much, maybe we had a terrible sleep, maybe we’ve got a massive project at work that’s stressing us out, OR maybe it’s just too damn dark and rainy and cold and we’d really really like to just stay in bed and sleep a little longer….

Some opposites of the word savage as outlined by the dictionary – submissive, tame, benign, tender hearted – not necessarily terrible things from time to time I suppose, but these aren’t the traits that come to mind when you think about crushing goals. So, how do we maintain our savage edge? How do we manage to get our butts out the door even when we might not really feel like it?  Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Goals, goals, goals. Set them. Make them measurable and give them a timeline. Then crush them. Plan to celebrate when you do. Even the most savage of us need something to drive us. Make a bunch of goals. Break 28 minutes for a 5k. Hit that 2.5x bodyweight deadlift. Get 10 pull ups unbroken. Train 5 days a week for a month straight.  Whatever they are, set them, keep a log to track your progress and keep your eye on the prize.
  2. Sign up for something. A 5k run. A weightlifting competition. An obstacle race.  A throwdown at your local gym. Anything. Pay the entry fee and look forward to getting that t-shirt. Pick something that you can work towards and enjoy the process along the way. Give yourself enough time to train for it, but keep it close enough that it will drive you through the next little bit of time when it’s dark and cold and gloomy and tougher to get out there.
  3. Find a workout buddy. Become accountable to each other. Engage in a little smack talk.  Whether they are close and you can actually work out together or even if it’s someone who you check in with online – find someone with whom you can share your goals and successes, and who will kick you into gear when you fall off target. Someone who will listen to you complain a little bit and then will say “OK, now you’ve had your pity party. Go train.”
  4. Remember how great you feel after you train. Truly I can say I’ve never regretted a workout. Especially when I really, really didn’t feel like it. I always feel better after – even if my performance was a little sub par.  Just showing up and moving always makes me feel better.

Of course, the one caveat is, don’t drag yourself into the gym if you’re actually sick. It’ll make you feel worse and no one wants anything to do with you and your germs, trust me. Take the day off, get some rest, and get back to crushing it in a day or so.

Other than that…

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